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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Cheats for PC

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Cheats for PC

are you here for Cheats for you delta force game.? The following cheats for Delta Force: Black Hawk Down have been tested on version 1.1.0 of the game.Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Cheats for PC

Cheats are entered during game play below are some important cheats that would be great helpful for you in completing all mission of DFBHD Game.

To enter a cheat simply press the ~ (tilde key, to the left of the #1) then enter one of the cheat codes enlisted below:


More Health
Cheat code: 91d428aa

Cheat code: 43b24753

Max out Ammo
Cheat code: fc1ef2ed

Unlimited Ammo
Cheat code: 3cfe170c

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