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Download Delta Force 2 Game for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit / 32 bit)

Get Download Delta Force 2 game, which is a First Person Shooter video game and this is developed by the Novalogic in 1999. It was released at number 2 in the Delta series and after that most of the part of this game is added by the “Delta Force 3 PC Game” in 2009. It is a full offline installer setup and standalone. it also compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit. Now it is the best forum for you to have delta force 2 free download full version pc Softonic.

Delta Force 2 Game Overview

Anyone who has the interest to get Delta Force 2 Game download for PC then you can also get this for Android. This game has the similarities of the IGI 2 so just select your weapons and missions and start to destroy your enemies. People often look for Delta Force Black Hawk Down which is accessible here.

Download Delta Force 2

Delta force 2 free download for PC Video Tutorial

Here just free download delta force game setup by following the complete procedure.

Missions in Delta Force Game 2 Free Download Full Version PC

Delta force 2 game Missions

Delta force game 2 for PC contains many missions in which you can play and complete. each next mission is harder than previous. once you complete one mission you win some reward in shape of coins, weapons and other things to fight with enemies.

Delta Force 2 Free Download full version pc Softonic

A player in this game assumes itself the member of the Delta force and take part in the mission across the world. As Delta Force 2 Free Download full version pc Softonic game design on the realism in which a man can damage by the weapons and by the enemies. For the action of the player, there is the wide distance show in this game to the player and they can destroy the enemies from 100 of the meter. You may think while playing Delta Force 3 PC game, that it is just same as Delta 2.

Delta Force 2 Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit / 32 bit)

Delta force 2 game MissionThere are many objectives in the mission while through the navigation point payer know that what he does in this mission.

There is no border for the player to reach the enemy in this game so when he sees the target then he is free to attack his target.

Delta Force 2 on Steam

A player can destroy the enemies vehicles, eliminate the hostile from the specific location be the objectives. In Delta Force 2 PC game player can view the position of the target which is near to him then can destroy it.

Engine Details Free download delta force 2 full version for PC

Game of Delta force 2 full version for PC has the wide space engine than earlier games which has the delta force. Further, you can see a helicopter combat simulator by means of which this game has the ability to render over the wide landscape. The space of this engine is dub voxel 32 due to which Game system does not support the 16-bit graphic card now. Delta force game now supports the 32-bit Video card. Due to the engine of this game all the terrains are visualized.
This game is supporting the hardware selection which was not in the predecessors. Due to the stretch voxel of the engine of this game high grass can be simulated easily. Also in this mask character use over the large distance. Same requirements are necessary if you have Delta Force Xtreme in your system.

 Weapons of Delta force Novalogic free download

There are many delta force Novalogic free game missions in which there are different weapons use according to the objectives. Delta force 2 mission 1 has the different weapons priority while the other mission has the different weapons priority.

Weapons are used according to the objectives.

Delta Force 2 Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 bit / 32 bit)If the enemy is so close to you then you can use the delta force 2 knife for an attack on the enemy. In case the enemy is far from you then you can use the pistol or rifles according to the distance.
Delta force 2 weapons are “Pistols, Sub machine gun, Shot gun, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine gun, Knives, Launchers and many explosive materials”. Some weapons of Delta Force Xtreme 2 are quite interesting.

5 Tips to kill the enemies in Delta Force 2 Game

There is some information for our reader that how they kill their enemies in Delta force 2 Game. By following the below rules you can easily kill your enemies.

Delta force 2 Game

  1. When there is much distance between you and your enemy and enemy cannot look at you. In such a situation, if you are on the mountain and want to attack your enemies then go ahead.
  2. When enemies see you on the mountain then they will run to your side. You go to your first position to remain safe and then easily kill your enemies.
  3. If you want to kill your enemy then check the distance of your enemy from you. If the distance is 200m then you choose the AK47 and then easily kill your enemy.
  4. If there is the tower or the other high place like roof then first check the enemy on the roof or tower.
  5. If you find the enemy on the tower then kill them first and from that tower, you can easily kill the other enemies.

Precautions for Delta Force 2 Full Version PC Game

  • As you know that this is the well globally known shooting game so when you play this game you must ensure that your system is in good condition and your operating system run well.
  • If you want to play this game online then your web connection must be good. If you have not a good web connection then you might be led to kill quickly.
  • If you get excellence to understand the map of this game then you can easily win the game.
  • You make this first priority that you have full command on the map when you start the game. You get those places easily which are in your goal on the map. You can find all the thing around you on the map. You can cut the air time and the operating time through technique by using the map.


Delta Force 2 Multiplayer game (50 Players at a Time)Multiplayer Delta force 2

Some of the mission of this game cannot be passed by the single player because of which there is the “multiplayer game mode” in Delta Force 2 game. Also, this is a multiplayer game in which up to “50 players” take part and pass the hard mission in the group form.


Reviews about Delta Force 2 Game PC

  1. Entertainment and leisure software public association (ELSPA) give the “Silver” award because of the sales of Delta Force 2 game.
  2. Only in the UK, this game sold the 100,000 copies.Sales Chart of Delta Force 2
  3. Brett Todd gives 2 stars out of five stars to Delta Force game and says that the sound design of this game is not so good. And also criticize about this game that there is very less information about the mission in the background of this game. For the enemies which are small must be carefully scanned at the small distance or the large distance otherwise not scan. This game force the player to play on the modern hard drive with the small resolution and spotting the enemies is so difficult in this game.
  4. Brett Todd said that the design of the mission is so good and also praise the multiplayer mode of this game that allows up to 50 players.
  5. Michael like this game very much and give this game 8.5 games out of 10 points. He said that the mission design of this game is so impressive and call it “Generally Excellent” and say that the mission of this game base on “Realism”. He praises the “sound design” of this game and also praises the “multiplayer mode” of this.

Novalogic Delta Force 2 Game System Requirement

Novalogic delta force free download system requirements are given below. Check details and download your favourite game.

  1. Operating System
    Windows XP, Vista, 7 are the OS which supports this game and you can install this game in these windows.
  2. Processor
    Core to Duo E6600 or comparative to this processor requires for the processing of this game.
  3. RAM
    Free space of RAM required for this game is 2GB.
  4. Graphics
    The graphics card requires Geforce 8600 GT or compare graphics card with this.
  5. DirectX
    DirectX version 9.0 c require for this game.
  6. Network
    Network require for this is Broad Band internet connection.
  7. Storage
    Hard disk free space required for the installation of this game will be 4GB.


Delta force 2 game full version free download

Delta force 2 game setup free download by clicking on the below link. If you have any issue then visit our tutorial video at the top of the article just below the Delta Force game 2 free download PC Game Full Version Title image.

Note. “If you have any issue in downloading Delta Force 2 Game then just watch how to download Delta Force Game tutorial Video given just below the topmost image of this post“.

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